The A.C.E program starts from kindergarten all the way up to highschool. The academic level of studying and the obtained diplomas is considered equivalent with the levels from Cambridge College from England. It is a program used in the entire world, which offers the children a bilingual education, based on the biblical principles and building a personal character. 

The study subjects for the children who know how to read and write are: Mathematics, English, Vocabulary, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies and Science. Later on, the next are added: History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Foreign Languages and others.

In the Eden Learning Centre the PACE workbooks we use are printed in English language, but in the opening time we do in the morning and in the afternoon activities, we communicate both in English and Romanian. 

In the near future we hope we can extend the curriculum of the workbooks regarding The History of Romania, The Geography of Romania, Romanian Language and Literature. 



Elementary and Highschool