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After you have read our information and you have given it some thought, you have prayed and consider that the ACE Program is what you wish for your child, then you must follow the next steps

  • Fill in the form below and you will receive by e-mail our admission form. After that you will be scheduled for an interview.

To your child Academic Future and Request Info

Applying to Eden Learning Center



Below you can also find all the necessary information related to costs:

  1. Enrollment fee to Eden Learning Center 50€ (onetime payment)
  2. Enrollment fee to “King of Kings” Christian School 35 (onetime payment)
  3. There is also a monthly fee to the Eden Learning Centre of 150€  (this fee must be pay on the 10th of each month or if you pay for the entire year you'll receive a discount of 5%). If more children from the same family are enrolled then you'll have:
  • 10% discount for your 2nd child
  • 20% discount for your 3rd child
  • 30% discount for your 4th child
  • Etc
  1. PACE workbooks:  We place our orders in three terms (September, January, April) and cost depends on your child level and progress:
  • Kindergarden  - approximately 115€
  • ABC's              - approximately 125€
  • Elementary      - approximately 150€  
  • Highschool      - approximately 175€

Per trimester.


For further information do not hesitate to contact us