Our mission is to serve The Lord and Our Savior, Jesus Christ through our work in Eden Learning Centre, loving, guiding and educating the children of Romania, offering a quality education that is Bible based, focused on the character formation and enriching a love for our Heavenly Father.

Knowing us more...

Our mission

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure a pleasant and safe learning environment so that the children can grow and develop in a healthy way for the purpose of becoming all that they can be in Christ’s image.

Our values

We are Christians of different denominations and we realized that we are called by God to dedicate ourselves in this ministry. We believe that God created each person unique, special and valuable, no matter their past, age or culture. God created us individually, with talents and specific skills.

We believe it’s our duty to serve the children in the best way possible, respecting and loving them, and we have to be examples for them having a godly living, based on the Word of God.


Maybe you have the same desire as ours to give a different education for your children, in a safe learning enviroment with a plesent atmosphere in which the theory will be welded with practice and creativity? But, more than this, maybe you desire that they will become the future generation, people with character and a solid fundation, responsible, and who will not only obtain a good job, but will also live their lives for God?


If so, we proudly present to you "Eden Learning Center"!

Who we are?

We are a group of christian parents who had the desire to give a better education for our children. To help them receive not only knowledge but a life style in which they can develop a christian character in becoming strong adults.


Knowing our responsibility as parents we started to search for different education style and curiculum that will have the same vision as ours. And soon we've discoverd the A.C.E. Curiculum and realized that it was all that we've prayed for. And so our journy begun! First only with our children and after five years, now we finally have the resources to help more children to receive a quality education.


Along the years we have developed an international professional team who are trained in the A.C.E. curiculum.